The goal of this fundraiser is to raise money for the Evergreen Park & Recreation District’s INSPIRE (formerly Special Needs) Program, Evergreen Christian Outreach (EChO) and the Mountain Foothills Rotary Foundation. Money raised will help improve the existing Special Needs Program, and to help make financial scholarships available for the participants. Additionally, it will help Mountain Foothills Rotary continue support to EChO and other local charitable causes.

Evergreen Park & Recreation District’s (EPRD) INSPIRE Program contributes to the growth and development of persons with developmental disabilities, and their families. It increases their opportunities to  participate in community, recreation, leisure and cultural programs, as well as activities to build daily living skills. Programs and services help prepare persons who are disabled to become as socially, emotionally, and intellectually independent as possible.

Evergreen Christian Outreach (EChO) offers goods and services to local families in need. In addition to items like groceries, food and clothing we offer short-term assistance, mentoring and prayer support. Please feel free to contact us if you have a particular need. EChO depends on the generosity of our neighbors in order to help those in need. Please contact us if you would like to contribute to EChO’s efforts.